Samsung’s new startups include a wearable 360 cam and a humming app

by admin October 31, 2016 at 7:15 pm

Samsung continues its in-house startup incubator program, called “C-Lab,” which encourages employees to build their own business and spin them out as startups on occasion. Previous C-Lab standouts include the Welt, a smart belt with health tracking features, and a new crop of six C-Lab projects includes similarly out-there concepts.

This batch includes Hum On!, a music app for the musically challenged, letting you simply hum into your phone to compose music. The app detects your humming, and converts it into actual musical notation, which can then be used to write music for basically any real instrument out there. It’s useful for actual musical people, too, of course, as an easy musician’s notebook for tracking ideas that strike you no matter where you are. Even if the real-world use cases of this seem quite limited, the tech behind it is impressive if effective.