Researchers Study Smart Ring Early COVID-19 Detection Capability After User Was Alerted To Possible Infection

by admin March 25, 2020 at 6:45 am

Oura smart rings are joining the fight against the coronavirus pandemic by using their smart rings to possibly detect early signs of COVID-19 symptoms before it’s too late. This could mean that no matter how healthy you might think you are, if you are showing signs that your body is changing from within, in theory, Oura rings would tell you to get yourself checked as soon as possible!

Oura Rings

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Oura Partners with UCSF

Regardless if Oura is a relatively new company, it still tries to help against the fight to help curve the virus. The study is to see if the companies smart ring can detect early physiological signs that might indicate the early onset of COVID-19.

The study will try to accomplish two parts: about 2,000 rings will be given to health professionals in the frontline to monitor their vital statistics from time to time. This will include body temp, sleep patterns, heart rate, and activity levels-all to detect a trend for an early warning system for COVID-19. The second part of the study is to determine if given the statistics of the smart rings and the data that they will provide will establish an early warning device to be used in the future.

Why Is it A Good Idea?

Researchers believe it is a good idea to test out this study in the first place; it would be because an Oura user who lives in Finland claims that the ring had alerted him that he would be getting sick and low and behold, he did. He was positive as well for COVID-19 but has a more substantial chance of pulling through since he went earlier to get tested. 

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What Could It Do For The Fight Against COVID-19?

The fact that it can detect the presence of the virus in an individual early on is critical to contain the pandemic and stop it in its tracks as soon as the data shows any irregularities in your body. This would be important for people in the frontlines and everyday civilians who still wander around despite the pandemic because of the jobs that require them to do so. 

Extensions For The Study

Oura has about over 150,000 users in the globe right now, and they plan on testing it out in a more general census. Oura might urge their users to opt-in on the program and make sure that sufficient information from a broader range of people helps contribute to the fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic. For existing Oura users, this is an excellent way of helping out and doing your part to fight the virus in a relatively safe environment, which would be your house. 

As more and more companies do their part to use their inventions or supplies to use, it is good news to see since the world needs more cooperation, especially in these challenging times, and Oura is one of the companies that are doing their part. 

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