Need to cut down your phone's rampant data usage? Google wants to help

by admin June 30, 2017 at 5:28 am

Google is testing a new app in the Philippines aimed at helping users keep better tabs on their data.

Data is currency in the developing world, and with so little of it, your time on the internet is relative to your ability to top off. That’s why Google’s launched an experimental app to help those particular users in regions of the world where data is most crucial. The app is called Triangle and it’s being tested in the Philippines.

Per TechCrunch, the app is, in essence, a data saver suite. You can use it to check on current data usage and ban certain apps from even logging on to your connection in the first place. You can also check your prepaid balance, or use the app to try new apps without it counting against your allowance. Google is also offering extra data if you choose to use only certain apps. Note that some features are limited by carrier.

Google knows that for Android to be considered the de facto mobile operating system in the developing world, it has to offer an edge over its competitors. In this case, it’s providing a helping hand to guide those with severe data limits towards a more smartphone-reliant, connected life.

You can check out the app in the Play Store, but you can only download it if you’re in the Philippines.

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