Google invests in Neverware, the company that puts Chrome OS on old computers

by admin October 12, 2017 at 1:19 am

Google has invested in Neverware, a company that converts old Windows PCs to run Chrome OS.

Chrome is a fantastic web browser, and an even better operating system. Updates are seamless, it’s as secure as they come, and it doesn’t take much computing power to operate. While Windows is still dominant in the enterprise, Chrome is slowly gaining ground. The problem is that businesses have a lot of older Windows desktops and laptops, and it’s easier to just upgrade those devices to a newer version of Windows. Neverware’s CloudReady software helps with that; the tool can be used to convert old Windows desktops and laptops to run Chromium, the open-sourced version of Chrome.

Google sees the merit in Neverware, so much so that the search giant is investing in the company. Neverware announced that it has launched its Series B funding round, with Google listed as one of the initial investors. Neverware has been focused on the home user but plans to expand into the enterprise market. One key aspect of this will be integration with Google’s administrative tools, so devices converted with CloudReady will be just as easy to administer as a traditional Chromebox or Chromebook. Andrew Bauer, Neverware’s CEO, says:

Our Series B will be the first step of our expansion into the enterprise. With continuous support and endorsement from Google and other investors, we’re confident in our ability to bring to market an operating system specifically designed for organizations entering the era of cloud computing.

Are you interested in converting an old machine from Windows to Chrome? Let us know down below!

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