Dr. Mario World: release date, trailer and first impressions

by admin July 9, 2019 at 4:55 pm

Like bad medicine, we’ve been served a lot of mediocre puzzle games on mobile in recent years – mostly an endless parade of poor Candy Crash clones. Good news: Nintendo is trying to put a change that by calling in its head doctor.

Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android has brought its nearly 30-year-old brand of color-matching, virus-defeating puzzle gameplay to everyone today, July 9 ( a day early), and we got to test the new game ahead of its official release date.

Our first surprise was how Nintendo is changing up the dosage from its 1990 original to adapt to today’s smartphones. It makes sense: the colorful capsules are now ‘tossed’ upward into the playing field. Why the change? That makes it a lot easier to fling in these pills while holding on to modern phones, which have such big and tall touchscreens that they’re typically gripped at the bottom.

There’s also a lot more variety to the gameplay and several new doctors on staff – all of them familiar faces in the Mario universe. Another big change: Dr. Mario World is free, but there are monetization options for continuing to play and obtaining extra doctors and power-ups, which we’ll explain.

Here’s what you need to know before you get addicted to Dr. Mario World and bump to its classic ‘Fever’ and ‘Chill’ music remixes.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Dr. Mario World release date and price

The Dr. Mario World release date ended up being Tuesday, July 9, even though it was scheduled for Wednesday , July 10. It’s now available for both iOS and Android. Nintendo is launching the game in nearly 60 countries.

The Dr. Mario World price? Free. Nintendo has inserted monetization options into this game, though. You can either earn in-game coins or spend real money on diamonds. Both are designed to be spent to keep playing levels when you run out of ‘hearts’ (your play-limiting energy), to recruit new doctors, and to gain special power-ups.

The core Dr. Mario World gameplay involves using as few capsules as possible to rid the playing field of colorful viruses. Running out of capsules triggers a game over and that’s when you’ll either have to wait to jump back into the solo game – or spend coins or diamonds to get back in right away. 

Good news: playing multiplayer games never has a wait attached to it, so you don’t really need to spend coins or diamonds to continue playing in PvP match-ups.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Dr. Mario World trailer

There have been two Dr. Mario World trailers released so far from Nintendo, one going over the core concept of the game, and the other the multiplayer gameplay. The first trailer is nearly three-and-a-half-minutes long and explores how the game is played.