(Don’t) Let ‘em Roll: Best Wheel Chocks

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best wheel chocks

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The signature characteristic of any gearhead worth their 5W30 is their ability to wrench on a vehicle or hitch up a trailer. Either of these activities generally necessitates the chocking of one or more wheel, lest the whole thing get out of control faster than a Vegas after-party.

As you’ll learn, there are more to wheel chocks than simple wedges of rubber or plastic that go jammed between a tire’s tread and terra firma. While this type of accessory isn’t generally thought of until it is needed, the level of innovation and array of products suggest that there are plenty of designers and engineers giving wheel chocks plenty of thought indeed, even if they don’t rank too high on our personal top 40.

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1. Editor’s Choice: Jade Active Premium Rubber Wheel Chocks

jade active premium rubber wheel chocks

Your author freely admits he was the type of kid who needed to have his mittens tied to his jacket lest they wind up in the dark recesses of school’s Lost & Found. This may have infuriated his parents but has taught him as an adult to keep track of his things. It’s also one of the reasons I chose these chocks as my pick for this post.

Made from durable and robust rubber that should be far stronger than plastic chocks, they are tethered together with a stout length of rope. Slip, weather, and oil resistant, these chocks are built to put up with heavy usage. Their 4.2 lb weight means they are more likely to stay in place than lighter units and measure about 8 inches long by 4 inches high.

Pros: Durable, heavy, and tethered

Cons: Cheaper options exist

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2. AFA Tooling Heavyweight Wheel Chock

afa tooling nylon reinforced wheel chocks

Here’s a set of four wheel chocks made of reinforced nylon that’s ribbed for her pleasure to provide extra grip. Double reinforced eyebolts allow them to be staked into surfaces such as dirt and gravel roads in a bid to make doubly sure your car or RV isn’t going anywhere. Or, y’know, you could use the eyelets and a bit of rope to tie the things together.

At 5 Inches wide, 8 Inches long, and 4 Inches high, these wheel chocks provides a strong force that – according to the seller – “beats gravity” and stops potential dangerous rolling accidents. Hey, betcha didn’t think you’d be able to defy the laws of physics for just forty bucks, did you?

Pros: Those eyelets, sold in sets of four

Cons: Not solid rubber

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3. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer – Pair

x-chock wheel stabilizer

Here’s an interesting solution, proving that bright minds inhabit every single part of the automotive spectrum. Instead of jamming a rubber or plastic triangle wedge between your tires and the ground, use this x-wing of a device to apply opposing forces to tandem tire applications. Science!

The seller asserts this design is better because it works with the tires’ natural movement instead of against them. Sold in pairs, they weigh 5 pounds each and have a rust inhibitive coating applied from the factory. A plated ratchet wrench is included so you can deploy these things without having to bring along your entire toolbox.

Pros: Innovative design, makes the laws of physics work for you

Cons: Will be tough to remove if rust appears

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4. Elasco Aviation Industrial Wheel Chock

elasco wide wheel chock

Anyone who’s been on a plane has seen these things on the ground, generally flung around by harried ground crew while corralling an Airbus A220. It is entertaining that these things are available for purchase by the general public. Hey – if they’re trusted to hold a Boeing in place, they’ll surely anchor your Super Duty.

Abrasion-resistant polyurethane construction is designed for longevity and durability. This is a fair assertion, as that type of stuff can withstand chemicals and will not rot or deteriorate outdoors like rubber or plastic. Three widths are available, up to a massive 45 inches, and these suckers also glow in the dark.

Pros: Weight provides plenty of security, enormous size, fantasies of plane ownership

Cons: Bucks deluxe

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5. Esco Pro Series Wheel Chock

esco safety yellow pro series wheel chock

Ever wonder how they keep those enormous pieces of mining equipment from rolling away and crashing into a tour bus full of disabled schoolchildren? Sticking with the silly and extreme, we present this safety chock for construction gear. It has an 800,000 lb maximum weight capacity, or about the same payload as your author’s lunchbox.

Despite this level of stout, the seller alleges the whole thing only weighs 41 pounds, meaning burly workers can grab onto its handle and fling it in the bed of a service truck on their way to a call. It is said that this chock can work with tires up to 165 inches, a size just smaller than the wheels offered on the new SilverRam-150 Argon Diamond Uranium pickup truck planned for 2020.

Pros: Earth-stopping chocking power, great party piece

Cons: Costs more than my last three derby cars combined

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6. Camco Yellow RV Wheel Stop with Lock

camco wheel stop large with lock

Back in the real world, it seems the makers of those metal x-wings above aren’t the only ones using gravity to their advantage. These large wheel stops also go wedged between tandem wheels, preventing movement while parked or during re-hitching. This example includes a padlock for a measure of security but, really, if someone wants to defeat them they could do so with a well-placed sledgehammer strike.

Still, it’s an innovative solution to a common problem. Its design incorporates an easy grip handle so users aren’t fumbling the units because you just know it’ll be raining and dark when it comes time to deploy these or any other wheel chocks. Lightweight and compact, these things are easily tossed in a glovebox or in underseat storage.

Pros: Easy to store, uses the magic of opposing force

Cons: Lock is more of a deterrent than theft-prevention

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7. BAIJIAWEI Heavy Duty Solid Rubber Wheel Chock

baijiawei heavy duty large solid rubber wheel chock

Made of 100% recycled rubber, these chocks are definitely not of the cheap plastic variety found on the shelves of some major retailers. Their dimensions of 10”x 6”x 7.3” mean they’re a great size for arresting the movement of a vehicle or trailer while it is parked in a driveway or parking lot.

Their black and yellow high-vis styling choice amuses your author as it reminds him of a bumble bee (I’m actually 9 years old, not 39, folks). Robust grippers mean you can be sure the non-slip rubber traction pad on the bottom side will keep the chock in place. Handles are baked in to the anterior side as well.

Pros: Non-slip bottom surface, made of solid rubber

Cons: Weird color pattern

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8. Camco Basic Wheel Chock

camco wheel chock

You know the cheap plastic chocks I was making fun of just one selection ago? Yeah, these are the ones. Look, I get that there may be an occasion when a quick fix is need but these things definitely aren’t made for long term use. Priced less than a burger and fries, these hard plastic chocks are at least sold in pairs.

It’s important to note that the seller says these items are designed to work with tires up to 26 inches in diameter, which excludes almost everything bigger than a 15-inch wheel. A tire measuring just 205/65R15, for example, has a total diameter of 25.5 inches. Still, most utility trailers have very small tires and that is the market to which this product is targeted.

Pros: Cheap, lightweight

Cons: Only good for small applications

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