China's 'Iron Man' Suit for For GM Factory Workers Comes with Hidden Feature Every Robotic Fan Would Love

by admin October 22, 2020 at 11:09 am

China’s ULS Robotics creates specifically-designed exoskeletons that resembles Marvel hero and Avenger, “Iron Man,” for factory workers under car manufacturer General Motors. “Iron Man” suit exoskeletons will soon be a standard for factory workers ensuring protection and enhanced capabilities to carry out complex tasks.

ULS Robotics Exosuit

(Photo : Robotics ULS; Marvel Ultimate Alliance)

“I am Iron Man,” will soon be said by factory workers, particularly on General Motors’ manufacturing plants as new exoskeletons are currently tested as prototypes in Shanghai’s robotics company. ULS Robotics is creating wearable equipment for workers to enhance their daily work.

The suit aims to protect factory workers from serious injuries and accidents from the workplace, ensuring a better working experience in car manufacturing plants. The mechanical suits aim to address worker safety from serious injuries and even allow senior factory workers to continue working for the plant.

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ULS Robotics: ‘Iron Man’ Inspired Exoskeletons for General Motors

Shanghai General Motors Opens New Plant

(Photo : (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images))
SHANGHAI, CHINA – MAY 28: (CHINA OUT; PHOTOCOME OUT) Workers work at a product line of Buick Excelles at a new plant, the Jinqiao South Vehicle Plant of Shanghai General Motors Corp. May 28, 2005 in Shanghai, China. The new facility, part of GM’s $3 billion investment blueprint with its Chinese partners, is capable of churning out 160,000 medium-sized Buick Excelle sedans and could produce the Cadillac STS luxury sedan in the future. China’s auto market is expected to see stable growth this year. Auto sales in the first four months rose 1.57 percent from a year earlier to 1.8 million units and auto output grew 1.48 percent to 1.86 million units, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

Daily Star reports that the Shanghai-based technology company, ULS Robotics, are currently testing out a series of exoskeletons for General Motors’ factory workers to utilize in its plants all across the world. The project aims to equip General Motors’ staff with an exoskeleton that will help carry massive loads.

The exoskeleton resembles the famed Marvel Avenger’s crime-fighting suit, Iron Man, a.k.a Tony Stark, as seen in the movies. It can also replicate a fraction of the Iron Man suit’s capabilities, including lifting heavy materials, protecting from serious injuries, and being powered by a battery. The exoskeletons will help the worker carry an additional 20 kilograms and weighing seven kilograms, suit alone.

Currently, General Motors and ULS Robotics test the suit on the Chinese Peninsula, particularly on China Southern Airlines’ factory and airports, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Beijing Daxing International Airport. Soon, it would be tested right on GM’s factories, lifting heavy vehicle needs.

ULS Robotic’s Iron Man Exoskeleton: Hidden Feature

ULS Robotics’ exoskeleton has a hidden feature that would benefit the car manufacturer and other companies, initially with General Motors. This hidden feature is a sensor that monitors the worker’s actions while at the factory and during the time of work.

The sensor would indicate if the particular worker is “slacking off” or remaining lax during the work times or shifts. The companies who would possess the technology can also monitor its workers from its current status, making the workplace more active.

The “Iron Man” inspired suit will also be a productivity reminder for both the worker and employer during a day’s work. The Chinese company highly regards “social responsibilty” and “labor protection” to be the suit’s top priorities. Worker status and inefficiencies are also given emphasis that the suit aims to answer.

Car Manufacturers: We Are Also Getting Our ‘Iron Man’

General Motors is not the only company that plans to revolutionize its workforce with “Iron Man” inspired suits in the workplace. Hyundai, a South Korean car manufacturer and technology company, is also looking to venture with exoskeleton tech for its factory workers.

Additionally, American vehicle manufacturer Ford also puts stakes on the device, investing in a factory with workers sporting the exoskeleton inspired by the “Armored Avenger.”

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