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by admin 3 weeks ago

Apple fixes three iOS zero-days exploited in the wild

Apple has released security updates today for iOS to patch three zero-day vulnerabilities that were discovered being abused in attacks against its users. According to Shane Huntley, Director of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, the...

by admin 1 month ago

The best iPad: Which iPad model should you buy?

Apple’s iPad lineup is arguably something that’s unmatched by any other platform or device maker. The tablets all consistently turn out top performance and have 10 hours of battery life, clear and crisp displays, and access...

by admin 1 month ago

iPad Air (2020) review: A tablet designed for work and play

Early last year, it felt as if Apple had all but forgotten about the iPad Air. Then in March, Apple released the third-generation iPad Air, nearly five years after the iPad Air 2 was released. The update included a faster processor, slightly...